Feeling Dizzy Or Lightheaded?

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These may sound like the same thing but they are not and can be serious if left unchecked. Lightheadedness feels more like you have the potential to faint as where being dizzy is a spinning feeling.

Although these two things are not usually life threatening, the consequences of fainting and falling from them could be. If you do feel lightheaded or dizzy, have a drink of water or orange juice and lay down. If it lasts more than 15 minutes it is time to seek medical help. If this happens often for lesser periods of time it is also time to seek medical help.

Common reasons for lightheadedness include Dehydration, Drug Side Effects, A Drop in Blood Pressure, or A Drop in Blood Sugar.
Common reasons for dizziness can be all of the same as lightheadedness along with other disorders like inner ear problems, infections, and more.

At the more extreme end they could be both be a sign of a Heart Attack or Stroke when accompanied by other symptoms.

Heart Attack Symptoms

  • Chest Pain
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Nausea
  • Arm, Back, or Jaw Pain

Stroke Symptoms

  • Sudden Headache
  • Numbness & Weakness
  • Vision & Motor Skill Troubles
  • Slurred Speech

If you are experiencing anything like lightheadedness or being dizzy regularly it is important not to ignore it and treat the cause. It is a real problem and many times can be prevented.

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