Mosquitos, Chiggers, and Ticks, Oh My!

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In Louisiana noting ruins outdoor fun like bugs do. Not only are they an itchy nuisance, they can also cause serious issues if you are allergic or the offender carried any diseases such as West Nile or Lime Disease.

Here are a few ways to at least limit the exposure.


Survey your yard.

If there is any standing water that can become a breeding ground for mosquitos drain it.  This is everything from bucket of water to a small standing pool in the ground that’s not drying out.


Mosquito Foggers Work

If you know you will be outside for a few hours at a peak pest time, consider buying a mosquito fogger.  The Fogger Devices last for years and you just buy fuel tanks and fogger liquid. The fog lasts for 2 – 3 hours in most cases and the smell doesn’t last long.


Mosquito Netting

Mosquito Netting is available at camping stores and more.  Put it over an outdoor umbrella or wherever you need it that make sense. If you have a problem with them getting in the house, the traditional over the bed use is good too.


Spray Repellent and Wipes

DEET and Picaridin are two of the most effective ingredients in Bug Repellent Products. They vary in hours of effectiveness and if you go swimming be sure to reapply.  Keep the wipes or a bottle in your car so you always have them.


Maybe it’s just you…

If you are always the first one who gets bitten maybe it is more to do with you.  It is has been said that people who are B+ blood and beer drinkers are more attractive to mosquitos.  Some research states sweat attracts mosquitos while other research says the opposite.  Be proactive if you know this is you!


New Inventions for Repelling Bugs

Every year a new line of bracelets or noise makers come out that are said to take care of your repellent needs. If you have a repellent that works for you, keep it as a back up when you try something new.  Be sure to review the products you try online to spread the word as to what works and doesn’t.

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