Easy Tips to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

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You are about to spend a week away from home and all that you have to do on a regularly hectic week. Yes, you want to enjoy yourself but you also need to fit into shorts you left in when you get back home! Here are a few ways to enjoy local food scenes and not regret missing anything!

Negotiate with your waistline.
You want the fried coconut shrimp and the key lime pie so just skip on the fries and switch them with a salad.

Drink the water.
16 oz of tea sweetened with 1 cup of sugar per gallon is 90 calories. Drink 2 and that’s 180 calories you could have used on those fries (above). Sodas are more calories and diet sodas really do bloat you. Not too big on water, put sugar free water flavor packs in your purse to make it as low as 5 calories per glass.

Use your hand to gauge portion sizes correctly.
A one ounce cheese serving is about as big as your index finger. A teaspoon is about as big as the top section of your thumb. Make a fist to get an idea of a cup of cereal or mashed potatoes. Your palm is about the serving of 3 oz. of meat.

Read menus carefully and check calorie counts if available.
Check how the food is cooked. Fried is never as healthy as broiled and just because the fish is baked doesn’t mean it’s any less breaded. If you know what you want and that you can’t control yourself once the plate arrives, ask for a togo box before the server leaves the table. Since you are on vacation, have that half of last night supper for breakfast if you want to.


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